Enhances Security

Automated Patching, Password Management and Access Control


Critical Conditions

Monitor Performance, Availability and Security of RDBMS, E-Business Suite and Fusion


A Complete Recovery

Simplified, Fast and Comprehensive RDBMS Backup


Rapid Clone

Automate and Schedule ERP Cloning


Large Scale Upgrades

Multiple, Simultaneous Database and ERP patching


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Why patchVantage?

Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Oracle databases and applications to deliver and support mission critical business functions. Maintaining, upgrading, securing, and keeping compliant those systems is a complex and time consuming task requiring highly specialized (and expensive) staff.

patchVantage Accelerationg Oracle Deployments

patchVantage automates and simplifies these backend processes, in a highly cost – effective and easy to deploy solution. It can be installed ‘out of the box’ without the need for additional software components, or accessed via the Cloud as part of a SaaS solution. It addresses current RDBMS/ERP needs and the emerging demand for utilities serving the Fusion environment.

Business Drivers

Cyber security is a critical issue for every organization today

The number and complexity of Oracle environments is constantly increasing

Compliance and SLA’s means that actions need to be audited and controlled

The advent of the Cloud will mean patching and security fixes need to applied quickly and frequently