Why Patch Oracle?

Why Patch Oracle?

Security above Everything

According to CGHQ 80% of Cybercrime can be prevented by having stronger passwords and applying security updates. patchVantage can centrally manage UNIX, Database and ERP passwords. It’s also made to deploy Quarterly Critical Patch Updates for specific Operating Systems and Versions of the RDBMS & ERP Application.

A recent article from the BBC (6 things firms should do to improve cybersecurity) states that most companies spend 87% of their budget on firewalls when in fact there are many ‘gateways’ into the organization including customers, employees and suppliers. Companies need to more aware of the insider-threat and patch easily exploitable bugs.

CPU patches are rigorously regression tested by Oracle (https://blogs.oracle.com/security/entry/ensuring_critical_patch_update_quality).

Other Benefits and Rationale 

It is safer and cheaper in the long run to patch. The further you fall behind (especially on E-Business Suite & Fusion):

• The more work it requires to isolate and resolve issues
• The greater the chance of encountering an avoidable issue
• The greater the risk of upgrading from an untested configuration to a new version
• The greater the effort required to upgrade to new versions
• The greater the risk that you would not be able to get patches for your exiting configuration
• ISO27001 and compliance with contract terms

Proactive Approach

The risk of NOT applying a patch need to be outweighed against applying one. The graph shows the decisions companies are forced to make. This change management risk can be reduced using automated testing and impact analysis tools.

Automate Deployment

Patching is time consuming and error prone and difficult to track especially and becomes exponentially more difficult as environments increase. patchVantage provides consistency, reduces risk and lowers the total cost of ownership.