Oracle RDBMS Accelerator Suite

RDBMS Advanced System Administration

Patching, Backup & Cloning, Data Replication and Monitoring with ease

patchVantage© software RDBMS Kit is a lightweight acceleration product for 11g/12c Oracle Databases. Whether you manage a few environment on the Cloud or require industrial scale automation it has the capacity to deliver. Installable on Windows or UNIX it requires minimal configuration and no agents on the remote servers.


Centrally manage and schedule patching for all remote databases. Deliver complex upgrades that exploit advanced features such as rolling upgrades, out-of-place patching to minimize downtime. Obtain quarterly Critical Patch Updates (CPU) using our subscription service to satisfy ever increasing compliance demands.

Backup and Cloning

Take control of your assets and deploy a scalable online/incremental RMAN ©Oracle solution that can be stored centrally in the product. Manage your backups and clone instances to other remote servers using an intuitive GUI interface.

Data Replication

Exploit the power of Golden Gate ©Oracle and quickly provision table level replication & monitoring between remote databases without the need to develop tedious and time consuming GGSCI scripts


Activate critical monitoring and notification’s against your databases AND servers. Provide timely and continuous updates on Performance, Availability and Security Gaps.