Oracle E-Business Accelerator Suite

E-Business Suite Advanced System Administration

Patching, Cloning and Control

patchVantage© software E-Business Suite Kit is a lightweight acceleration product for E-Business Suite 12.1 and 12.2. Structure and automate the increasingly complex software lifecycle for your ERP applications.


Centrally manage and schedule patching for all remote databases. Deliver complex upgrades that exploit advanced features such as rolling upgrades, out-of-place patching to minimize downtime. Obtain quarterly Critical Patch Updates (CPU) using our subscription service to satisfy ever increasing compliance demands. Supports both adpatch and the new adop command line interface which facilitates online patching for E-Business Suite.


Reduce dependencies on Application DBA’s and perform end-to-end cloning of E-Business Suite.


Quickly determine the status of E-Business Suite environments, modify Application, Server and Database Level passwords using a single GUI interface. Use the console to stop or start your E-Business Environments.

Custom Setup

Capture and migrate custom E-Business Suite setup between environments.


Activate critical monitoring and notification’s against your databases AND servers. Provide timely and continuous updates on Performance, Availability and Security Gaps. Take advantage of specific alerts for E-Business Suite.