Advanced Solutions for Oracle RDBMS,E-Business Suite and Fusion Applications

Risk Reduction, Compliance, Increased System Availability and Cost Reduction

patchVantage© software solution provides comprehensive modules to automate patching,cloning,backup and manage the administration of Oracle Database and associated ERP applications. Processes can be scheduled along with a complete audit trail and access to sensitive data and functions is controlled using job roles.

Upgrades and other regular complex lifecycle changes such as Critical Patch Upgrades (CPU) can be delivered using pre-tested packs and deployed to remote databases on a mass scale. It fully utilizes features such as Rolling Upgrades, Online Patching and out-of-place patching to minimize downtime. Optional integration with Data masking is also provisioned.

Why patchVantage?

Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Oracle Database and Applications to deliver and support mission critical business functions. Maintaining, upgrading, securing and keeping compliant those databases is a complex and time consuming task requiring highly specialized Data Base Administrators (DBA’s). The role requires highly developed skills, tedious manual effort and significant risk to the enterprise. The product is designed to reduce this risk, automate and simply these backend processes thereby reducing risk and cost but also empowering DBA’s



Business Drivers

  • Cybersecurity regulation means applying patches, data masking and penetration testing will become priorities
  • Both the complexity and volume of Oracle Environments is constantly increasing
  • Service level agreements that include ISO 27001 & 27031 increase patching and availability standards.
  • Explosive growth in the Cloud still requires backend support and oversight for Oracle
  • Most Data Breaches occur internally and the costs are extensive including legal and customer perception.

Business Drivers

  • Fully automated Patching Oracle 11g/12c ,R12.1.x,R12.2.x and Fusion Applications
  • Fully Automated Cloning Oracle 11g/12c,R12.1.x and R12.2.x
  • Incremental online Backup deployable using GUI or CLI
  • Manage Oracle 11g/12c,R12.1.x,R12.2.x and Fusion Applications [start/stop/passwords/logs]
  • End User Portal providing status and easy access to environments
  • Monitoring and Notifications engine for RDBMS & ERP modes are Performance, Availability and Security Alerts
  • Pluggable Databases Supported
  • Oracle Golden Gate Accelerator rapidly provisions table level replication and monitoring between remote databases
  • Optional Static Data Masking Packs for E-Business. Compatible to run Data Masking with IRI Technology
  • Comprehensive Reporting to satisfy auditors and compare environments