The Market

The Market


Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Oracle databases and applications to deliver and support core business functions. Maintaining, upgrading, securing and keeping compliant those databases can be a hugely complex and time – consuming task, involving highly specialized (and expensive) staff and typically causing significant operational disruption.

PatchVantage automates and simplifies these essential backend processes, in a highly cost – effective and easy to deploy solution. It can be installed ‘out of the box’ without the need for additional software components, or accessed via the Cloud as part of a SaaS solution. It addresses current RDBMS/ERP needs and the emerging demand for utilities serving the Fusion environment.

Oracle does not bundle patching and cloning applications into its core product offering; instead it sells them as optional (and expensive) add-ons. Consequently, patches (including anti – virus and other security updates) are applied less frequently that necessary, leaving systems at risk. In addition, as compliance demands evolve so the need increases to capture and log actions and changes applied. Cyber security is a critical issue for every organization today, and in the Oracle environment patching is a complex, time – consuming process.

Oracle and UNIX platforms account for a USD 24bn RDBMS market and a 54bn ERP market worldwide. The initial target market is the c330, 000 Oracle RDBMS customers and ultimately the 80,000 Application customers; as Fusion deployments grow patchVantage will be positioned as the primary source of support for migrating organizations whether on premise or Cloud based.


Problem & Market Opportunity:

Businesses are completely dependent on their critical information systems and they continually add more. At the same time, the system’s technology is becoming more and more complex. Oracle creates this complexity in its efforts to remain competitive and to meet customer requests. Oracle is concerned about the technical debt it is creating and has Unisphere Research conduct a survey of a sample of its customers every other year. The results are surprising. Here is a sample:

• At least 38% run 100 or more distinct databases and 10% have more than 1,000!
• 74% report security, governance, and compliance as having an impact on database administration.
• 51% have difficulty keeping databases at current patch level.
• Close to one in three Oracle managers run in excess of five different configurations of patched or updated databases across their production, testing, and development domains. This suggests a greater need for automation.