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On Premise and Cloud

On Premise and Cloud

This article is from Oracle’s Blog. “Cloud adoption has been rising in recent years. Based on a survey conducted with Oracle users, 38% of the respondents already have implemented a private cloud architecture. Many great benefits of cloud computing–such as agility, scalability, cost savings–drive this fast adoption. This highly popular trend makes it critical for data integration technologies to expand their support to cloud architectures. Thus, it is one of the 5 new requirements for data integration technologies, which we explained in a recent white paper. And today I’d like to talk about data integration for cloud environments.

How do you keep your cloud systems connected with your other enterprise systems? And how do you use data integration and replication solutions to enable successful cloud computing initiatives? We have discussed this topic in a recent white paper “Demystifying Data Integration for Cloud”. Here are the few tips and reminders from this paper.” Click here to read the rest of this article.


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